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¿Dónde está mi reembolso

Everybody wants their IRS refund as fast as possible. In fact, you are probably depending on that refund check to pay some of your bills or debt. So when it doesn’t come on time, it could put a lot of financial strain on your life. Follow the instructions below to check the status of your refund with the IRS. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, call us and let us check for you.

  • Where’s My Refund
  • Follow the simple instructions below to find out about your IRS Refund.
  • First, be patient. Wait at least 2-3 weeks after you’ve filed
  • Second, have your Tax Return in front of you. You’ll need some information from that year’s filing. Social Security Number Filing Status (Single, Head of Household, Married filing Joint, or Married Filing Separate) Exact amount of your Tax Refund
  • Third, Go to Enter the information as indicated.
  • If you entered all the information correctly, you should receive an estimated refund delivery date. If you receive a message saying there was not enough information, then you may want to call us or the IRS to check on the status.

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